D.A.R.E. Program
Our 5th grade students participate in a ten week course focusing on drug awareness, ways to say no, and making good choices.

This computer class activity involves 1st-6th grade and follows the Iditarod trail and the mushers who are making the long journey.

Junior Achievement Workshop
Our 5th receive a deeper understanding of our nation's economic structure by engaging in classroom lessons and extending their understanding at JA Biz Town, a Junior Achievement Program

Challenger Learning Center
The 6th grade experience and explore space in a hands-on approach at the Challenger Learning Center.

6th Grade Camp
Our 6th grade students get to spend several days enjoying all that the wilderness has to offer at Camp Sherwood.  They are fully engaged in the outdoor classroom experience!

African American Hall of Fame
Our 7th grade share the lives of famous African Americans and their contributions to history.  Each student prepares a presentation, brings in items associated with their person, and dresses in character.  All students and families are welcome to join in celebration of these famous African Americans.                                                                                                                                

Dancing Classrooms                                                                                                                Different types of dance are brought to our 5th grade through a ten week program.  The students then showcase what they have learned in front of fellow BTC students.  They also join in with students from other schools at the final performance at the end of the year.

State Fair                                                                                                                                              4th grade students research our 50 beautiful states in computer class.  They create presentations to share with the whole school community.

Field Experiences                                                                                                                    Students from preschool to 8th grade enjoy many opportunities throughout the year to experience education outside of the classroom.  The students engage in theatrical performances at the Florissant Civic Center and other area high schools and educational experiences, such as CAPS at Busch Stadium and visits to many of our local attractions.