Karen House
Our 8th grade students volunteer at Karen House each week and work on a project in the spring creating Alleluia Easter baskets for the Karen House families and other local charities.

St. Vincent de Paul Society
Our 7th grade students volunteer each week at our local food pantry.  In addition, they spend time at the St. Vincent's Care Center preparing the Christmas store.  Once a month the whole school comes together to make sandwiches for the "Feeding God's People" program through St. Vincent's.

Angels Among Us
Our primary grades make cards and craft projects for the homebound each month, bringing joy to those in need.

Whole Kids Outreach
Our whole school and parish community comes together to run a toy drive leading up to the Christmas holidays that benefits the children of the Whole Kids Outreach program. 

Ronald McDonald House
Student groups in our 7th and 8th grade classrooms spend time preparing meals and cleaning at our local Ronald McDonald House charity.

Shoeman Water Project
Do you have old or new shoes that you do not want anymore?  We have a place for them.  Our school does a shoe drive that supports the Shoeman Water Project and all of its efforts to export old shoes to street vendors in places like Haiti, Kenya and South America and then use the funds raised for clean water programs in communities around the world.

Mission Carnival
The students come together in fun and games raising money for our community, local, and global organizations, such as our BTC St. Vincent's Food Pantry, Holy Childhood Association, Karen House, and Whole Kids Outreach!