Life Teen

High School Youth Group

Welcome to Life Teen!

Life Teen offers high schoolers a chance to come together and talk about life and what happens when faith and life collide. Every Sunday night we meet in the Youth Room (located in the basement of the parish offices). We usually start off with a game and then move into a talk, small groups, and prayer. Topics include anything and everything from basics of faith and how to pray to relationships and life struggles.

Join us Sunday 7-9 in the youth room

and 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:30 for youth mass!


Check out the calendar below for all our events!



…… Community News ……


New Core Taking Over - We have several awesome parishioners taking over for Life Teen and EDGE at BTC, volunteering their time to keep this mission going. To name a few: helping with Life Teen is Jeff Finnegan, Leigh Ann Barnes, Tom McCleery, Cece Campbell, and our beloved Dorothy; and for EDGE: Doug Proezel, Bob and Peggy McGartland, and LaMikka. Lori Howell and John and Suzann Cross will be helping on a less regular, but equally important basis. Please pray for these wonderful people and for more to join!


Nate and Kiera Leaving - Former missionaries, Nate and Kiera are leaving for Boston not too long after the missionaries. Most of Kiera’s family is in Boston, and she has just accepted a position as a youth minister at a parish not too far outside. They are excited to go, but are sad to leave their home of two years. 


…… Where are the going next!? ……

I’ve asked all the missionaries to give a few parting words to share what’s next in their lives. 

  • Bobby Tull - "I just wanted to Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over these past 2 years of Life Teen Missions. I am so excited to announce that I will be entering the Seminary for the Archdiocese of St. Louis officially on August 15th. These two years have been such a blessing, especially this past year in Ferguson. I really found my vocation here in Ferguson and it has been such a beautiful journey. If you would like to stay in touch with me you can email me at  Thank you again for welcoming me into the Life Teen, Ferguson, and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta communities!”
  • Emily Pellarin“Emily here. After my four years with Life Teen Missions, I will be serving as the full-time youth minister at Queen of All Saints parish here in St. Louis. I will be continuing a strong Life Teen program and implementing a new EDGE program for the middle schoolers of the parish.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served with Life Teen and with BTC. Thank you for all the ways you have supported and encouraged us. It has all been a gift.”
  • Alex Goulet - “I cannot believe my time with missions is up. These past two years have been so growth-filled and so life-giving. First serving at Covecrest and then serving here in Ferguson, it has all been a blessing. In reflecting on this year, one word came to mind: ‘authentic.’ The people of Ferguson have taught me what true authenticity is and what it means to live your true self, and I feel blessed to share the authentic Ferguson as I go on to my next mission. Following Life Teen missions, I will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina to work with the diocese on their Diocesan Missionary Team. Along with Grant, and 4 other missionaries, we will be putting on retreats throughout South Carolina for parishes, middle schools, and high schools. I am sad to leave, but I feel so thankful for Life Teen and BTC, that I may carry on a similar mission."
  • Grant Wyatt - “I will be joining Alex in Charleston, South Carolina to work on the Diocesan Missionary Team. Thank you everyone for a great missions experience.”
  • Ashley Dean - “Thank you to everyone who comes across this email, because you have played an important part of my life in these past two years. It is a bittersweet ending, as I am sad to leave missions, but I am excited to start as the Music Ministry and Youth Ministry Coordinator for St. Alban Roe Parish in Wildwood, MO. In this position, I will be leading music for the 5 PM youth mass and other Life Teen events, serving as Co-Youth minister, expanding the Life Teen program by seeking out service opportunities and more ways to be involved in the greater Diocesan and Life Teen community, and will be starting an EDGE program. I will also be taking over music for 10:30 BTC youth mass in Nate’s departure. Yes, I have a lot on my plate- please pray for me!!! Although there seem to be many things ahead, I am thrilled to be continuing at BTC as well as moving on to new mission territory. You are all in my prayers, and please feel free to keep in touch: Thank you all for your part, no matter how small, in this mission and for the prayers, support and encouragement along the way."


    …..Final Notes…..


    In short, as you might have read above, we want to thank you all for pouring into this mission and making all of this possible. We have been blessed to have spent the time in Ferguson and will cherish what this has community has shown us about love, community, and strength. Please keep us all in your prayers as we continue down our separate paths. 

    Peace, love, and blessings from all the missionaries who have served here in Ferguson,

    Alex, Ashley, Bobby, Chris, Callie, Emily, Grant, Kiera, Muhoza, Nate, and Stacy :)

    Ashley Dean



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