Preschool 3 - Mrs. Ketterer


Monday: P.E.                                                      Thursday: Art & Computers/Library

Tuesday: Music/Spanish                                       Friday: Music\Spanish

Wednesday: P.E.  

January 24th

We are having so much fun building ramps!! The kids love coming up with their own designs and testing out how they work with a ball.  We've talked about inclines and how a ramp has to have a high point and a low point.  We discussed gravity and how heavier items fall faster than a light item.  We tested some things out and the kids really enjoyed guessing what will hit the ground first.  The kids still enjoy talking about snow and all the fun activities they were able to do over the weekend!  This week we will continue talking about ramps and I will give them some more ramp challenges.                                                                                                                 

Letter O week!  Please help your child find something around the house that begins with the letter O and bring it in one day next week. 

This Weeks Focus:  Winter

Letter: O                 Number: 8            Shape: Hexagon  Word: Snow  Color: Gray

Books: All About Ramps, Inclines and Wedges, I Fall Down, and The Mixed Up Truck


Pretend: A Winter Home: Winter clothing, blankets, stuff to make hot cocoa

Blocks: Build ramps.  Lots of ramp challenges to solve! Chair rail molding pieces, scraps of wood, cardboard tubes, balls, cars, blocks, carpet squares, to build ramps with. Adding in train tracks and some car tracks.

Writing: Winter words, Mitten letter and number trace, Winter paper to write and color

Art: O is for Olaf and a Winter cardinal

Science: All About Ramps. Force and Friction.

STEM Challenge: Build a ramp that makes a ball go down and through a tube.  Make a ramp that makes a ball go down and then back up. Make a ramp that makes a car go slow (adding friction).   

Math: Winter Patterns, Roll and count snowflakes, Mitten Shape Match.


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