Preschool 3 - Mrs. Ketterer


Monday: P.E.                                                      Thursday: Art & Computers

Tuesday: Music/Spanish & Library                          Friday: Music\Spanish

Wednesday: P.E.  

We had lots of fun learning about our 5 senses! We used our sense of taste and had a taste test. We ate something sour (lemon), bitter (dark chocolate, salty (pretzels), and sweet (cookie).  We used our sense of smell to guess some scents.  We smelled pickles, coffee grinds, cinnamon, an orange, and ketchup. We used our sense of sight and played eye spy and our sense of touch to feel some different textures.  We also used our ears to guess that sound.  We made cloud pictures for letter C and finished our All About Me books.  Next week we begin our theme, Apples.  I am so excited! 

This is letter D week!  Please help your child find something at home that starts with the letter D and bring it in one day this week. We will put it in our letter box and share them at circle time.

This Weeks Focus: Apples

Letter: D                  Number: 4               Shape: Diamond    Word: Apples   Color: Green

Books:  Apples, Ten Apples Up On Top, Apple Picking


Pretend: The pretend area is a Apple orchard.  Students can pick, buy and sell apples.  They can bake apple pie, apple cider and apple muffins.  

Blocks: Different types of blocks, red pompoms for apples, tractors. Students with be challenged to work together to build an apple orchard.

Writing: Apple Print paper.  Apple Letter tracing.  Apple Letter Matching. Build Letters with apple erasers.

Discovery:  Apple Investigation.  And observe an apple after it is cut open.  What happens over several days?

Science: Life Cycle of an Apple

               Sensory Table: Apple pie sensory Bin (oatmeal with cinnamon).  Red pompoms as apples and scoops.

Math: Roll and pick apples. 

Religion: God Made Apple Trees.  God Created you and Me.

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