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Welcome to fourth grade!  I am so excited to be starting another year at BTC!  We are going to have a great year as we learn so much!

Ms. Zesch


Homework 11/29-12/03




math p.266-268 #1-30 odds

spelling WS100

social studies WS2



math p.273-275 #1-30

spelling WS101

cursive WS31



science lesson 4 take home test






reading/spelling tests

free dress day

11:00 dismissal





Welcome to 4th Grade!

My name is Ms. Zesch.  This is my nineteenth year teaching fourth grade.  I have been at BTC for seventeen years.  I love teaching fourth grade because the students are so enthusiastic about learning.  When I am not at school, I like to read, read, read.  I also enjoy watching sports on TV, especially football.

Email: EZesch@btc-school.org

Spelling Words


lesson 9

"Dear Mr. Winston"

basic words

1. spark

2. prepare

3. cheer

4. tear

5. scarf

6. scare

7. repair

8. earring

9. scarce

10. weird

11. sharp

12. rear

13. spare

14. gear

15. hairy

16. compare

17. alarm

18. harsh

19. upstairs

20. square

challenge words

21. weary

22. startle

23. appear

24. barnacle

25. awareness

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