Kindergarten - Mrs. Schramm

Mrs. Schramm’s Class

News & Notes January

We are learning…..

  • In science we will be experimenting with force and motion.  We will also be experimenting with simple machines.  

  • In language arts we will be learning the /th/ & /ch/ sound.   We will be focusing on the long /a/ and /e/ sounds and working on fluency while reading.    

  • In religion we will be focusing on the Advent and Christmas season as well as learning about God with friends.  

  • Math will be focused on counting by 5’s, addition, and before/after on a number line.  

  • Sight Words

    is, how

    find, this

    will, be

    go, for

  • Reminders

  • Noon dismissal the 17th

  • Show and Share 31st

  • MLK Day the 20th, no school

  • Catholic Schools Week starting the 27th


A note from the teacher

Helping your child read words:

  • Can you sound it out?

  • What is the first and last sound?

  • You said ___. Does that make sense?

  • Put your finger under the word as you say it.


Welcome to Kindergarten!



Class Pictures- updated monthly

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Vowel Songs

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