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Computer Lab

Ms. Andrews

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade

During first semester, Third Graders have completed two simple Google Drawings and are beginning another one soon following some research about famous African Americans. They will be using the same research for an additional project with their homeroom teacher. They also have spent several class periods practicing math skills using the Numbers Undercover program and Numbers Recovered program.

Fourth Graders are using their Computer Class time this year to prepare for their "State Fair" in the late spring. They recently completed a Google Slideshow about a National Park or National Historic Site in their chosen state. They are beginning a Google Drawing project about the designated state bird for their state.

Fifth Graders also have completed two Google Drawing projects during first semester including one about ancient peoples of Central America. This class has worked on sevaral projects with Microsoft Word and a few lessons on Digital Citizenship from Common Sense Media. In the coming weeks, they will do a few more lessons on Digital Citizenship before beginning preparation for Iditarod 2017.

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade

Kindergarteners use their Computer Class time to reinforce math skills and pre-reading skills they are learning in their homeroom class by using online games from sites like PBS Kids Games or ABCYA. In addition, often they use a KidPix template created by Ms. Andrews to create a project that is seasonal. By using KidPix, they are beginning to learn simple formatting skills.

First Graders spend most Computer Class periods practicing simple word processing skills with the KidPix program by typing and illustrating sentences they write with their teacher as follow-up to classroom work. They also use online games to practice both language arts skills and math skills.

Second Graders are becoming more proficient at simple word formatting with KidPix (capitalization, centering text, changing font size & color). They are beginning to learn to use Internet sites chosen by the teacher to find facts for writing paragraphs in their classrooms. They are currently completing a project about animals that live in the arctic regions.

Iditarod 2017

As soon as the weather begins to get cool in the late fall, students (and some staff members) begin asking when the Iditarod will begin. For the ninth year, BTC students in grades 1st--6th will be following Alaska's Iditarod Dog Sled Race beginning Saturday, March 4th. Each student in these classes will choose a musher to follow in the race. The trail will be "constructed" with blue tape in the primary hall with the scale being two inches equals approximately one mile. The race standings are posted each morning and students move their "musher" along the trail. At each checkpoint, information about that location is posted along with a map marking the location in Alaska. I meet with each class daily to talk about the race and watch short video clips from the Iditarod Insider.



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