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What a great first full week back!! We really dove into the book The Mitten!  The kids loved retelling the story and acting it out.  We used a lot of positional words, first, next, then, and last.  We also have transformed our room into a wintery scene.  We have snowflakes falling from the "sky" and an ice skating rink.  The kids enjoyed sliding around in their socks on it! We laced mittens and made instant snow.  We did an ice experiment, worked on opposites, and a winter pattern.  We measured with "snowballs" and studied the life cycle of a snowflake.  I am excited to continue our ice experiments next week! This class loves science! I do too;) 

We will pick up with our letter of the week again! This weeks letter is "M."  Please help your child find something at home that begins with the letter "M" and bring it in one day next week. 

This Weeks Focus:                    THEME: Winter and Hibernation

Letter: M             Shape: hexagon      Color:  blue       Number:  4     Concept: Snow

Books: Snowmen at Night, All About Snow, Froggy Gets Dressed, Little Penguins and Polar Bears

Language Arts

Recognizing and tracing/writing their first name. Answering the Question of the Week,  the pretend area is a winter home.  The students can dress the dolls for a winter day, bake in the oven, and make hot chocolate.  Acting out the story, The Mitten.   We also made an ice skating rink.  The kids can sort ice skates by size, clean the ice, buy tickets for ice skating, by popcorn, hot chocolate and pretzels. Tracing letters and matching letters to their letter sounds on mittens.

Fine Motor:

Making a snowman our of shaving cream and glue, writing, tracing, lacing cards, playing with slime

Sensory: Ice play and Slime


Measuring with snowballs (cotton balls), counting snowflakes and putting them on corresponding mittens, winter patterns, and matching shapes on mittens, roll a die, count the dots, and put that many snowflakes on a snowman, matching shape mittens, matching skates by size and number, matching opposites and sequencing


Ice melting experiment:1) snowman made out of ice watch and measure him as he melts.  2) 2 blocks of will predict what they think will make the ice melt salt or sugar? 3) Frozen arctic animals in a block of ice: use colored water and pipets to squirt on the ice to melt it with salt ang get the animals out. 

Gross Motor:

Blocks: building caves for stuffed bears, playground, P.E., Go noodle


Snowflakes are beautiful, pure and white, and like God's children, no two are alike.




We will continue to go outside for recess, as long as the "feels like temperature" is 22 degrees or above.  Please, send coats, hats and mittens/gloves everyday!! 

Your child has to be fever/symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Please notify me or the school office if your child is going to be absent that day.













Welcome to PreK 3!

My name is Michelle Ketterer and I love teaching preschool! I love watching their faces light up when they learn something new! Everyday is an adventure in preschool! My husband, Adam, and I have three kids, 2 are here at BTC. I love hanging out with my friends and family, going on walks, shopping, and cheering on my kids on the soccer field!




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