PreK 4 - Ms. Sue

Welcome to Pre-K4! 

Our Special Class Schedule:

Monday - P.E.

Tuesday - Art                                                                                                Computer/Library

Wednesday - P.E.                                                                                              Music

Thursday - Computer/Library

Friday - Music                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Class News

We had a fun Nn in PreK-4!   We learned about the sound of the letter N and how to print Nn's.   We made newts.  We read Noah's Ark and made Noah's Arks with animal crackers. A special thank you to Quinn for the Nilla Wafers - a neat n snack!  We are practicing learning to follow three step directions.  We are writing words in our journals and are practicing writing our names.   We are talking about being good friends and always being kind to each other.  We are working very hard to learn to share with and help our friends.  

Quinn's grandma was our secret reader this week.  Thank you for coming to read to our class.



Upcoming News



We will be talking about all of the things are we are learning to do as preschoolers.

Language Arts 

We will be learning how to print the letter Oo and the sound the letter Oo makes.

Number Skills                                                                                 We will learn about patterns and numbers.                                                

Science/Social Studies

We will begin to learn about penguins.


Next week is Catholic School's Week.  Please read about all of the fun events that will be taking place at our school to celebrate.  

Thank you for your help and support this year!  

Miss Sue






Welcome to PreK 4!

My name is Sue Richter and I love being a preschool teacher.  I have been teaching preschool at BTC for 10 years. My husband, Bill and I have four grown sons and seven grandchildren.   In my spare time, I love to spend time with my grandchildren, go to St. Louis Cardinal baseball games, garden, read and take long walks.


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