Preschool 4 - Mrs. Doak

PreK 4 Specials Schedule:


TUESDAY:  Library





FRIDAY:  Music

Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes on gym days if they are not already wearing them on a daily basis.



October News:

 The students are learning much and working hard. For letter D we made "doughnuts" with sprinkles and enjoyed chocolate and powdered doughnuts for snack.

We are already on the letter F and will begin letter G next week. Have your child bring in something that begins with G and we will share it with the class and post on our weekly or biweekly videos.

Remember to practice counting and letters each day iwth your child. It can be as simple as counting dishes on the table, people at dinner, a particular number of cans in the pantry such as soup or vegetables. You can ask your child the letter that begins with items they are counting.

You can also print letters (or numbers)on index cards and have them put them in order or hide them around the house/yard and you tell them what letter or number to find. For fine motor skills you can have them write numbers or letters in shaving cream (which cleans tables nicely at the same time) or use play dough to create them. Using brushes and water when weather is nice and they can "paint" letters on the concrete. Anything tactile with different textures is good. We used the sand table thiis week and searched for jewels and just some general play with different types of toy.

We are looking forward to Halloween and have read a few stories and have been doing many Halloween dance son go noodle and other sites such as "Monster Moves" one of their favorites.

We also started Halloween crafts and a spider web "appeared" in our room this morning.

Remember if you have any questions or concerns before conferences at the end of the month, pleae call or email me.







Welcome to PreK 4!





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