Athletic Association


The BTC Athletic Association offers teams in the following sports and age groups:

Soccer, PreK-8th, boys & girls     Volleyball, 3rd-8th, boys & girls

Softball, PreK-8th, girls                         Baseball, PreK-8th, boys

Basketball, K-8th, boys & girls             Golf, 5th-8th, girls & boys

Track, K-8, girls & boys

Approximate Sign Up Dates - Check back for open registration times!
Baseball/Softball/Track/Golf:   February 1 - 28
Volleyball/Soccer/Golf: May 1 - May 31
Basketball:  October 1 - 31

Dates are approximate.  Games will not start until 60-90+ days from sign up times.  Your coach will contact you directly regarding practice times and game schedule.

Registration fees due at time of registration:

$65 - per child plus $50 concession fee per family.
$70 - High school players.  No concession fee deposit.
$65 - BTC Golf.  No concession fee deposit.
$30 - BTC Track. No concession fee deposit.

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Association Information

Lamika Covington,  President

Tim Stoverink, Treasurer

David Keller, Uniform Coordinator

Jeff Antrainer, Parish Rep


Meeting Dates:
Our meetings are open to anyone interested in coaching, managing, and/or participating in activities for the operation of the athletic events. Contact Lamika Covington (email above) for specific dates and times.

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