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The Rich story of Our Mission in Ordinary Time

On May 15th we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, the sending of the spirit to the Apostles and the Church.  The Spirit fills our hearts, draws out our natural gifts and moves us to bring the message of Jesus to the world we normally live in.   As we now enter into Ordinary Time which endures for 6 months, I would like to share several quotations from Caryll Houselander (The War is the Passion) that might enrich how we perceive and live our lives in “The Ordinary Time” . 

Christ asked Mary of Nazareth for her human nature. For her littleness, her limitations, flesh and blood and bone, five senses, hands and feet, a human heart.

“He, who was invulnerable, asked to be able to feel cold, and heat, hunger and thirst, weariness and pain.  He who had all things and had made all things, asked to be able to be poor and to labor with his hands…he asked Mary to give him a heart that might be broken….

“She gave him human nature, our human nature; the Incarnation means that Christ gave himself to human nature to be its supernatural life, as the seed gives its life to the dark hard earth….

“Mary was an empty reed to receive the “love song” of the Word of God, only the breath of God uttered the song through her, it is the song of all the laughter and all the tears in the world, the Shepherd’s song piping to his sheep.”

Through this prism of God’s gift of the Spirit, we are invited to him and sing the song that Jesus planted in us with his love, day in and day out, at work, with our family, in our neighborhood and in our parish of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.  It may be called Ordinary Time, but, the work we do through this Spirit is extraordinary.

In His Love,

Fr. Rosy 






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