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Becoming Who the Lord Wants Us to Be

Three weeks ago I celebrated Mass in the Holy Land at an Altar called Gallicantu, Where the Cock Crowed when Peter denied Jesus three times. Peter, who was so bold: To follow Jesus, To Confess Jesus as the Christ, Peter called the Rock, Peter who witnessed the Transfiguration, Peter who walked on Water

In the Courtyard, where I was celebrating Mass, Peter denied Jesus three times.  As he sees the Face of Jesus, Tears flow down his cheeks.  

I wondered how Peter, of all the apostles, could do this.  In my prayer I realized it was his humanity that spoke so boldly when He denied Jesus.

  • Peter was so human, he gave into the temptation to protect his self,
  • He denied being associated with Jesus afraid of being an outcast giving into the Temptation of Protecting his image.
  • One of the temptations that Jesus rejected & overcame.

Yet, it is this sinful humanity that Jesus embraced with love to save us from our sins.

We of the Human Race so easily Defend who we are and  We do not focus on who Jesus yearns and desires us to be.

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- Fr. Rosy









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